Moss control and removal is another huge part of what we do. Moss thrives in damp, shady areas. For this reason, Oregon has the perfect climate to grow moss. Moss can create costly repairs: for instance, when growing on roofs. Once the moss is established it acts like a sponge, soaking up and storing rainwater, eventually saturating the roof sheathing below. Let us help you prevent this!

Lets talk about moss!

Why is moss control important?

Moss control is important, not only for aesthetics but for safety reasons. Safety is at the top of allhomeowners’ priority lists. When you think about you or your family members walking on thatmoss and how dangerous it can be, it’s a little frightening. Anyone could slip, fall and get hurt onyour property and nobody wants that to happen! Aesthetics, of course are important. Everyonewants their home to be picture perfect. When you get that picture in your head, the siding onyour home your walkways, retaining walls and any decorative pavers you may have are cleanand beautiful. Now think about all of those wonderful things covered in green slimy moss, not apretty picture. Now is the time to enjoy the hard work you put into making your propertybeautiful. Give us a call so that we can restore that beauty today!Protection of your investment is another big reason to think about controlling the moss on yourhome. Allowing moss to grow for years can diminish the value of your investment. We workwith many realtors and homeowners who allow us to remove and control moss on homes toimprove the value or to simply make the home more presentable. Let us do the same for you!

DeMoss Roof

When we wash a roof we use nothing but water. No harsh chemicals are used. Chlorine-bleach, phosphates or other chemicals can kill vegetation and pollute waterways all of which are in most roof shampoos and concrete cleaners. Our professional grade pressure washers have varying pressures to completely remove the moss and the root bed.Typically, the results with this method are instant and complete. Algae, lichens, and moss are completely gone before we leave the property. Doing this allows us to clean the roof while preserving the integrity of the shingles and without damaging the landscaping.The Demoss or wash of your roof in optimal conditions can last up to 5 years. That of course depends on the condition of your roof, the location of your roof, and how much shade and rain we get over those few years. We offer maintenance options such as a moss treatment for every year between the washing’s to help deter any moss that has grown in the meantime.

Flat Surface Cleaning

With moss being so prevalent in the Northwest, it can make things a bit slippery and quitedangerous. Our services now include your patios, walkways, decks, driveways, sidewalks andsiding. Essentially, anywhere moss grows, we can clean. We use no chemicals, only professionalgrade power washers to completely remove the moss from your home. Whether you are lookingto clean up the look of your home or for safety reasoning, give us a call today toschedule your free estimate with one of our experienced estimators!

Equipment used to do our moss control

We use commercial grade industrial pressure washers with variable speeds and pressures to ensure that we are using the correct machinery and pressure settings for your home. Doing so will avoid the use of damaging high pressure scrubbing or brushing. Every job is unique and we use different equipment and methods on every job to fit the needs of every customer. Each one of our crew members is professionally trained to use all of our equipment so that we can determine what settings will work best for your specific job to ensure that it gets done quickly and correctly.

Moss Control-Areas Offered

  • Decks              
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Foundations
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks

  • Siding
  • Skylights
  • Stairs
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Decorative Pavers

Even if your area is not listed…give us a Call !
There isn’t many areas that we are unable to clean, and as always our estimates are free so you’ve got nothing to lose!